Nether – Our Exclusive Q&A Interview

We know a lot of you are interested in Nether, so we’ve got an exclusive Q&A interview with Chip Sineni, Creative Director of Phosphor Games. Also, above is a look at the Stats/Skills UI redesign, with other UI redesigns to follow.


CG: Will there ever be microtransactions? Or maybe just DLC maps?
Phosphor: There are microtransactions for cosmetic upgrades as well as some consumables, but players will not be able to pay to win.

CG: What types of customization features will be available? e.g. Facial Hair, Hats, Tattoos, etc.
Phosphor: Players can change their head, shirt, pants, headgear, arm gear and backpack.

CG: How many types of creatures/Nethers will we see? May we get a list?

  • Crawlers – a base type that is more common
  • Shriekers – a smaller type that will call in more Nethers when it sees you. They have a spit attack that temporarily distorts your vision
  • Hunters – these are a very powerful Nether type that can get close to you and do a lot of damage- they have a chest burst attack
  • Watchers – these Nethers are perched on buildings, and scan for you, then jump down
  • Then there is the “Lost” – which are people whose brains resisted changing them into Nethers, but destroyed their minds and bodies. They explode when they are killed. We’ll have some additional Nethers that we’ll be showing off really soon.

CG: Will there be crossbows? If so, will bolts be retrievable?
Phosphor: We won’t have crossbows for early release. If the community wants crossbows added instead of other features, then we can do put them in the game.

CG: We see that Hunger and Stamina will be included in the game, does Hunger include Thirst as well?
Phosphor: Yes, hunger includes thirst for early release. If the community wants us to split this further, we can do this later on.

CG: Will there be player-created missions?
Phosphor: Not for early release- this feature would probably be very down the road- we’d want more additional systems in before players can create their own missions. Phosphor is a small team, so we need to focus on the important features first.

CG: This may have been addressed already, but will there be crafting in the game? If so, to what extent?
Phosphor: Crafting won’t be in Nether at early release. We’d love to get feedback from the community after they play the game to see what sort of crafting makes the most sense.


The Nether Beta will begin one week from today on October 31st, 2013.

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